Why rental dominates in India

Information from Off-Highway Research's Customer Groups Database Service features in an article in International Rental News on the dominance of rental in India.

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Customer group data now available for India and China

Our database of sales by year, buy equipment type, by customer group has now been extended from its original European coverage to include India and China.

Dual registration package launched for Off-Highway Conference and Diesel Progress Summit

A discount is available to delegates who wish to book for both the Off-Highway Conference and Diesel Progress Summit, which will run back-to-back in Chicago this September

Off-Highway Research database services updated

The Chinese, Indian, International, Global Volume & Value and Customer Group Database Services have been published with actual figures for 2021, and forecasts for 2022-2026.

Record sales in 2021

Global construction equipment sales grew +10 per cent last year. High demand and long lead times mean a similar volume of equipment is forecast to be sold in 2022.

European market enjoys 22 per cent rebound

An unexpectedly robust recovery in European equipment sales last year has taken to volumes not seen since the boom of the mid-2000s.

Chinese equipment sales fell 6 per cent in 2021

Full data for 2021 and updated forecasts are now available to subscribers to the Chinese Database Service

Indian market rebound

Full data for 2021 and updated forecasts are now available to subscribers to the Indian Database Service

Skid-steers remain a niche in India

Competition from manual labour and alternatives such as backhoe loaders limit the appeal of this equipment type

Global market update webinar approaching fast

Register now for the Off-Highway Global Briefing, which takes place on 29th March

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