Indian compaction equipment demand to regain former highs

The disruption of the 2019 general election and the impact of the Covid pandemic have seen sales of compaction equipment in India fall away from the high seen in 2018. But the country’s ambitions road building programme should see this peaked matched by 2023.

Chinese excavator market passes its peak

Hydraulic excavator demand in China hit an unprecedented high last year while the first few months of 2021 also saw some staggering sales figures. More sustainable levels have been seen in recent months, signalling the start of a slowdown.

French dump truck demand begins to rebound

Although badly affected by the pandemic in 2020, sales of dump trucks in France are now improving thanks to replacement purchases and a rise in construction activity.

Off-Highway Research reaffirms forecast for record construction equipment sales this year

Global construction equipment sales are expected to hit a record high of 1.13 million units, with a value of almost US$110 billion this year, according to updated forecasts from specialist consultant Off-Highway Research.

Record excavator sales expected in India within two years

Once the temporary barriers to growth are overcome, demand from the infrastructure segment  should drive sales higher after two years of falling sales.

Lawsons supports Global Off-Highway Briefing

International recruitment consultant Lawsons has signed-up as a supporting sponsor for Off-Highway Research’s Global Off-Highway Briefing, which takes place on 28th September.

Comment on equipment shortages and long lead times

Off-Highway Research Managing Director Chris Sleight was among a number of industry figures interviewed in a lengthy discussion piece on the issues of component shortages, shipping capacity and long machine lead times which are afflicting the industry.

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New reports in August

Subscribers to Off-Highway Research’s Chinese, European and Indian Services can now download our latest Market Reports, Equipment Analyses, Country Analyses and Company Profiles.

Italian compaction equipment market heading for a high

Sales grew last year in spite of Covid and a further improvement is being seen in 2021

Indian backhoe market remains resilient

Despite the pandemic, more backhoe loaders continue to be sold in India than the rest of the world combined.