Webinar report available to all clients

By Chris Sleight |  1 December 2020

The Off-Highway Global Briefing webinar on 17th November provided attendees with an economic outlook, a deep dive into Off-Highway Research’s forecasts on the impact of Covid-19, and a discussion on what the current situation and future landscape means for OEMs in the industry.

As well as making the full webinar available online here, Off-Highway Research has distilled the key points and discussions into a report, which is available free of charge to ALL clients.

Off-Highway Research managing director, Chris Sleight said, “I think the webinar covered a lot of ground and was very dense in information. Attendees may feel that many of the discussion points need further thought, analysis and contemplation, and we hope that by providing this report we are giving them a useful tool to explore these issues and ultimately to help shape their strategic plans.”

The report is available through Off-Highway Research’s Internet Access Service. Registered users can click here to log in. The webinar report can be found in the ‘Global Market Reports’ panel on the opening screen.


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