Database access trouble shooting

On-line Access

Some clients experience difficulties accessing their database subscriptions. In the case of the online database, this often stems form the fact that the database is hosted on a separate site to our main website and client portal.

If you experience difficulties in accessing the online database (usually an error message when you click the ‘Online Access’ button within the Database Services section, please try the following steps:

  1. Signing in to the Off-Highway Research Internet Access System, when the error appears, try copy and pasting this URL into the browser and seeing if you can access it that way.
  2. If a corporate internet connection is used; add the following domains to the allowed browsing list (you may need to speak with your I.T department about this):
  3. Try a non-corporate internet connection
  4. Clear all browsing data (history, cookies, password etc.)
  5. Try a different browser (recommended browser is Google Chrome latest version)
  6. If none of the above work, please open the URL  and login directly to the database with your ususal Off-Highway Research username and password

PC App Access

Off-Highway Research’s databases are also available via a downloadable App for PCs. This offers the advantage that the data can be accessed while the user is offline. However, we are aware that installing third party software can be problematic form the point of view of corporate security policies.

If installation is allowed by your employer, but you experience problems, the solution is usually to market the file (.exe) as safe to download. The process for this is different depending which browser you use:

Edge Browser

Mark a file as safe to download

Chrome Browser

Mark a file as safe to download

Please use the Keep option

Firefox Browser

Mark a file as safe to download

Please use the Keep option

[Download the Trouble Shooting PDF]

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