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European Equipment Analysis Mobile Cranes: Germany (September 2020)

07 August 2020

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04 August 2020

November’s online event will follow in the footsteps of previous in-person briefings. It will provide updated forecasts and discussion of the impacts of Covid-19

Indian construction market reports available from Off-Highway Research

28 July 2020

Exhaustive studies on opportunities in the Indian infrastructure segment now available from

Chinese market surges ahead

27 July 2020

Construction equipment sales in China are expected to rise 14 per cent this year according to revised forecasts form Off-Highway Research. The previous expectation was for sales to fall 8 per cent, but stimulus measures in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic are now expected to reverse this trend.

New reports in August

26 July 2020

Subscribers to Off-Highway Research’s Chinese, European and Indian Services can now download our latest Market Reports, Equipment Analyses and Company Profiles.

European Company Profile Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe (September 2020)

22 July 2020

Indian Equipment Analysis Hydraulic Excavators: (August 2020)

22 July 2020

Long-term prospects remain strong for excavators in India

20 July 2020

Excavator sales in India will fall year-on-year in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. However, the fundamental drivers for the industry remain good and sales are expected to not only bounce back but reach unprecedented highs in the coming years.

Global Volume and Value Service 2020

09 July 2020

Deep dive on the German tractor industry

29 June 2020

Germany is Europe’s largest agricultural tractor market and is second only to Italy in the production of this type of equipment. Our new equipment analysis examines the industry from the point of view of sales, production and also population of machines.

Dump trucks in China - demand migrates to mining

29 June 2020

Construction in China now relies almost entirely on on-highway trucks for hauling applications, making off-road dump trucks purely mining machines.

New reports in July

29 June 2020

Subscribers to Off-Highway Research’s Chinese, European and Indian Services can now download our latest Market Reports, Equipment Analyses and Company Profiles.

European Equipment Analysis Agricultural Tractors: Germany (July 2020)

24 June 2020

European Company Profile SDF (July 2020)

24 June 2020

Covid-19 to hit Indian backhoe demand this year

22 June 2020

Sales are falling sharply this year due to the pandemic and lockdown, but the market for these enormously popular machines will rebound.

Chinese Equipment Analysis Dump Trucks: (July 2020)

22 June 2020

Indian Equipment Analysis Backhoe Loaders: (July 2020)

19 June 2020

Podcast discusses new global equipment market outlook

17 June 2020

Off-Highway Research managing director Chris Sleight discusses the impact of Covid-19 on sales of construction equipment around the world with International Construction magazine editor, Andy Brown.

Chinese paver market set for stability

09 June 2020

After decades of road building, China’s stock of highways is set to provide steady demand for asphalt finishers as the market moves more towards maintenance from new build

Charting the rise of wheeled excavators in France

28 May 2020

The last five years have seen something of a swing from crawler to wheeled excavators in France in certain weight classes. A brand new report from Off-highway research tracks this trend and its drivers.

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