Subscription reports 

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Off-Highway Research provides different types of reports to meet the various needs of its clients. Below are examples from each of our report families. The contents structure and depth of analysis in each report is common across our coverage of different regions.

Market Report - News and industry developments with detailed analysis from our researchers. 

Company Profile - Objective analyses of major construction equipment manufacturers or component suppliers.

Equipment Analyses - Rigorous analysis of the structure, demand and trends for one product in one of the four major European markets.

Country Analyses (Europe only) In-depth reviews for 18 equipment types in the smaller volume countries, together with profiles of leading manufacturers and distributors.

Special Reports 

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Off-Highway Research regularly publishes in-depth studies which cover topics outside those of our Subscription Services. These Special Reports are developed following extensive field research and are regarded as the most comprehensive and wide-ranging studies available on their subject.

Coverage typically includes market size and trends, market shares, equipment production data, component sourcing information, distribution arrangements and distributor profiles, manufacturer profiles and machines available. Country-specific Special Reports cover up to 18 equipment types. 

To view our sample Special Report please following the link to: South Korea


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Off-Highway Research's databases provide market size data in units and US$, data on sales by type of customer and sales and production data by OEM. The information is sub-divided by country and equipment type and all our sales datasets include an overall demand forecast for the next five years. We do not provide production forecasts or forecasts by OEM. 

Access to Off-Highway Research’s databases is via our online client portal. The databases are also available as a bespoke PC software download for offline working. Both versions allow clients to manipulate data and export it directly as an Excel worksheet or as a CSV file for easy integration with other analytical tools.

To discuss arrange a demonstration of our databases via video call, please contact [email protected] or click on the links below to view samples of our data.

Chinese, European, Indian, Japanese, North and South American Databases


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