Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by an annual subscription?

An annual subscription will run from the month of purchase for the next 12 months. Subscriptions are subject to an automatic renewal policy as stated in Off-Highway Research's terms and conditions. Clients wishing to change or cancel subscriptions should contact us prior to the date of the automatic renewal.


What currency does Off-Highway Research Invoice in?

Off-Highway Research’s invoices are in US Dollars. We can bill in other currencies if required - please contact us to discuss this.


How often are reports updated? Are these updates automatically added within the annual subscription period?

Off-Highway Research updates reports monthly and published for download by clients via our Internet Access Service portal. Reports are typically published on the 1st of the month stated on the cover.

A subscriptions to one of our services our reports services gives clients access to the full library of applicable reports for a 12-month period. Reports that are added and updated in that time are made available to clients to download.


What is the methodology behind the data?

Off-Highway Research is staffed by industry specialists with a wide range of sectorial, language, analytical and consultancy skills with experience. We conduct primary research and gather information through hundreds of face-to-face interviews each year. Our meticulous approach to field research methodology, of all the dealers and manufacturers in every country in which we research, helps ensure the accuracy and high quality of the information we provide to our clients. We also use publicly available information such as non-confidential trade association statistics, customs information, machine registration data and financing filings as supplemental sources of information.

We have been undertaking this research programme for over 40 years and have gained copious experience and accuracy in this field.


How accurate are Off-Highway Research's forecasts?

Through our extensive knowledge, years of research and experience in the field we are confident in both our actual data and our forecasts. Our forecasts, like our actual data, are based on our meticulous primary research and face-to-face interview methodology in which is trusted throughout the industry.

However, clients should be aware that forecasting is a continuous process. Our forecasts are updated in the light of new information and events and are therefore subject to change. Clients using our data are therefore advised to view or download the latest information available at the start of new projects.


How often are forecasts updated?

Off-Highway Research's main forecast update takes place in March each year. This period sees actual data added for the previous year, and our previous five-year forecast updated and extended by a year. Analysis of the new data is provided to all clients in each regional Annual Review, which are published in April. 

We undertake a forecast review across all our data in July-August each year and publish updated data in August-September. Analysis of markets and any changes to the outlook are discussed in the August or September Market Reports for each region (timing varies by geography).

In addition, as a result of our continuous research programmes around the world, forecasts on individual countries and equipment types are update continuously in light of new information being gathered. These smaller updates are generally published on a monthly basis.


Do you provide production forecasts or forecasts by OEM?

No. Our forecasts are for overall demand (sales) by equipment type in each country.

We do not publish forecasts by OEM because of the high number of variables inherent assumptions which would have to be made. These would include assumptions about future market share, industry consolidation and entrances to/exits from individual countries and equipment types.

Similarly, we do not provide production forecasts because these assumptions and others about changes in manufacturing footprint (factory openings and closures) would also have an impact.

However, we appreciate that clients may need to make such forecasts. We are happy to provide one-to-one support on the methodology which might be employed in such exercises and to advise on the limitations and applications of such forecasts.


What is available to help analyse trends?

To help analyse trends and the data in our databases Off-Highway Research release an Annual Review in April and mid-year-review in August or September, depending on the territory. These reports supplement to their retrospective databases and are available to all clients as part of our monthly Market Report series of reports.


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