Changes to database CSV files

By Chris Sleight |  26 November 2021

Off-Highway Research has made a change to the .CSV files which can be downloaded from its Chinese, Indian and International Database Services. These files are used analyse data in third party software, most commonly with the Pivot Table function in Microsoft Excel.

The previous format included an ‘ALL COMPANIES’ data line for both the historic data and the forecast period. This meant that if the Pivot Table was not configured correctly, it was possible to produce incorrect results for historic sales by including both the ALL COMPANIES line along with individual companies’ sales.

In the new data format, the ALL COMPANIES line has been replaced by a DEMAND FORECAST line, which only appears in the forecast period. This eliminates the risk of double counting in the historic data.

It remains the case that when building Pivot Tables, the ‘Action’ dimension of the data MUST be set up as a filter and either ‘Sales’ or ‘Production’ data should be selected.

Clients with questions about the use of Off-Highway Research’s data in Pivot Tables, or with any general questions about the databases should contact [email protected] or their usual contact at the company for support.

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