Record mini excavator sales expected in France in 2022

By Chris Sleight |  30 November 2021

The rebound in compact excavator sales in France this year will see the market come close to the previous high achieved in 2019, before moving past it in 2022. Sales would have been higher in 2021 had it not been for the bottlenecks in global supply chains and in shipping. However, the size of the backlog now being reported by manufacturers and dealers alike means a record year is very likely in 2022.

Off-Highway Research’s new report, The Mini Excavator Industry in France, said, “Manufacturers’ backlogs guarantee a record year going into 2022, while oversupply and high stock levels by 2023 may lead to a slight decline in sales but not to any great degree.

“One important factor in the future is the massive investment boom in public works and residential construction amid low interest rates that have seen the implementation in large public infrastructure projects.”

Another trend which is discussed in the report is the move towards electric mini excavators. It is reported that in France these machines make up some 5 per cent of the sales of mini excavators from the four OEMs which currently offer them.

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