White Paper on decarbonization

By Chris Sleight |  30 October 2023

The off-highway sector is beginning its journey toward decarbonization, with electric powertrains a major focus. Some of the industry’s smaller tools are well suited to electrification, but there are obstacles to overcome if it is to make significant progress, such as achieving production scale, advancing battery technologies, and installing charging infrastructure.

This new report, from Roland Berger and Off-Highway Research, brings together off-highway industry views on decarbonization from around the world and identifies specific types of machinery and regions on which to focus sustainability efforts. Reducing emissions in the off-highway sector won’t be easy, but targeting these areas could yield the most impactful results.

To date, the industry has concentrated on the easiest wins – developing battery electric versions of the smallest machine types or tethered electric versions of machines where mobility is not required. In some cases, the latter may include a battery pack for brief untethered operation.

There is, of course, value in moving any machine away from fossil fuels, but to successfully decarbonize, the off-highway industry must focus its efforts on the machines and markets that emit the most CO2.

Click here to find out more and download the full report.



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