2024 subscription price list


  Standard Premium Expert
China $4,200 $5,670 $16,995
Europe $6,240 $9,180 $21,790
India $4,200 $5,670 $16,995
North America $4,200 $5,670 $16,995
South America $4,200 $5,670 $9,950
Japan $3,000    
Global High Level $4,200 $5,670 $16,995

The prices listed above are for industry users, based on our standard terms & conditions of information being private and confidential to the client company. We also provide data to other consultants, but due to the nature of their work which requires sharing of information to their clients, a higher price is payable for these usage rights. The consultant price is typically 5 x the industry prices listed above.

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