Change in access to the Global Volume & Value Service

By Chris Sleight |  16 October 2020

Off-Highway Research has made a small change in the way clients access the Global Volume & Value Service.

The multi-tab spreadsheet is now only available as a download from the online and PC application Database using the light blue ‘V&V’ button. Off-Highway Research will no longer post a downloadable file separately on its client portal. In conjunction with this, the ‘Volume & Value Service’ navigation has been removed from the portal. This service can now be found as part of the wider ‘Database Services’ navigation, which includes the Chinese, Indian and International Database Services.

Off-Highway Research managing director, Chris Sleight said, “We have stopped uploading the static Excel workbook because it became out of date as soon as there were any changes to the database. In a normal year these happen most months due to fresh information coming in from our research work. However, this year the changes have been much more frequent!

“I would stress that the workbook version of the Global Volume & Value Service is still available, and will continue to be produced in this format. It is simply found elsewhere on the site and has been improved in the sense that it can only now be produced from the latest and most accurate data we have.”

Other versions of the Global Volume & Value Service remain unchanged. The data remains available through our online and PC application database and it can also be downloaded as a CSV file.

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