Chinese mobile crane demand rising to unprecedented levels

By Chris Sleight |  2 December 2020

Sales of mobile cranes in China are forecast to reach almost 50,000 units this year, an 18 per cent increase on the record levels already seen in 2019. In both years, the volume of cranes manufactured and produced in the country surpassed the previous peak seen in the stimulus boom of 2010 and 2011.

Off-Highway Research’s new equipment analysis report on the industry said, “The improvement of the economy as a whole has seen increased demand for lifting machinery from many sectors, and of particular note the growth of wind farms in the restructuring of the power industry has resulted in the growing number of applications for heavy lift heavy cranes. Meanwhile the greater supervision of emissions has encouraged the replacement of old fleets with new cranes.”

This year is expected to represent peak demand in the Chinese market, but volumes are expected to stay at historically high levels over the medium term.

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