Chinese paver market set for stability

By Chris Sleight |  9 June 2020

Sales of asphalt finishers in China hit a remarkable peak of 2,600 machines last year, which was second only to the stimulus-driven high seen in 2011. This was thanks to growth in the road building segment and keen competition between the three dominant suppliers.

The paver segment is one of the few areas of the Chinese equipment market where imports are still significant. Despite the international companies active in the market having now localised their production about 10 per cent of the pavers sold in China are imported as CKD kits. In addition, indigenous and international manufacturers alike use their production footprints in China to produce asphalt finishers for export.

Although the number of new expressway projects in China is likely to decline in the coming years, Off-Highway Research sees a good future for the segment thanks to previous construction sprees.

“The length of roads under repair and maintenance will be increased, therefore demand will very likely be maintained at a high level each year, with future demand largely relying on the replacement of old machines. Other factors that will affect demand in the next five years include the China Stage IV emissions standards that will likely be postponed and come into force in 2021, and stricter regional controls on the use of old machines that do not conform to the latest emissions standards,” said the study.

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