Compact tracked loaders added to Global Volume & Value Services

By Chris Sleight |  11 July 2022

Off-Highway Research has added a new product group, compact tracked loaders, to the coverage of its Global Volume & Value and Global Volume & Value PLUS Services. The addition has come as a result of customer requests and in recognition of the increasing importance of this equipment type.

Off-Highway Research Managing Director Chris Sleight said, “A few years ago we added compact tracked loaders to our International Database Service which covers North America, Europe and Japan. The addition of these machines to our Global Volume and Value Service is a natural progression and recognises the importance of this relatively new machine type. More than 90 per cent of compact tracked loaders are sold in North America, where they are now the highest selling machines in volume terms. Worldwide there were 95,000 compact tracked loaders sold last year with a retail value of more than US$6 billion.”

The Global Volume & Value Service provides market size data in both unit (volume) and US$ (value) terms for the worldwide industry. The addition of compact tracked loaders takes coverage to 16 machine types, total sales of which came to 1.29 million units in 2021, with a value of US$127.5 billion.

The global Volume & Value Service PLUS provides a further degree of granularity, breaking down sales in each country and region by a series of machine size classes.

Like all Off-Highway Research data products, the service offers a five-year forecast. This is available across each country, machine type and size class in both volume and value terms.

Data from the enhanced Global Volume & Value Service is now available to all subscribers via our online database and PC database software. For more information about the service, please contact


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