Compaction equipment market peaks in China

By Chris Sleight |  27 June 2019

More than 15,000 ride-on compactors were sold in China last year and a further 8,000 were exported to other markets. This represented a marked recovery on the position just three years earlier, when demand in China bottomed-out at 8,600 units.

A decline in sales for all four types of compactor covered – tandem, self-propelled, pneumatic tyred and static rollers – is expected over the next two to three years, by volumes are forecast to remain above 10,000 machines per year, and the fundamentals of the market are seen as strong.

Off-Highway Research’s new Equipment Analysis on the compaction equipment industry in China said, “Given that the very large machine population established during 2009-2011 is going to be replaced and stricter emission controls will be enforced at the end of 2020, demand will probably remain steady or see a modest decline in the next few years. With more roads needing to be repaired and a greater number of utility projects needing to be constructed, the structure of demand will doubtless change, and small tandem rollers will become more popular in future.”

It continued, “In future, more equipment will be used for road repair and maintenance as well as utility infrastructure construction, so it is likely that there will be a further shift from self-propelled to tandem rollers, and in particular to smaller models under 5 tonnes. The machine population that is now in place is likely to be sufficient to meet anticipated demand, but the replacement of old and low emission standard machines will become a major driver for new sales.”

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