Customer Group Database Service coming in 2022

By Chris Sleight |  4 November 2021

Off-Highway Research’s Customer Group Database Service, which will be launched at the start of 2022, provides information on the different types of buyer for each machine type, and how this has changed over time. Annual sales for each equipment type in each country are broken down into a number of customer groups such as contractors, extraction (mining & quarrying), rental etc.

As well as allowing clients to view individual countries and machine types in isolation, this data can be analysed across multiple countries and equipment to provide insights into the profound changes which take place over time in equipment buying patterns. Initially the database will provide information on customer groups in Europe, with more countries being added in the future.


What is the Customer Group Database Service?

Database of equipment sales by customer types such as contractors, rental companies and extraction industries
Coverage of 15 equipment types in a range of countries
Historic data from 2010
Five year sales forecast by equipment type, customer group and country

How can it be used?

Establish the market for your products by customer group
Analyse changes in buying trends
Identify growing customer groups
Identify market opportunities
Use forecasts to inform strategic plans

For more information, contact [email protected] or your usual contact at Off-Highway Research.

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