Domestic and global demand drives German compactor industry

By Chris Sleight |  31 July 2019

Demand for compaction equipment  in Germany has risen appreciably in the last two years, with more than 2,000 ride-on rollers and some 35,000 hand-guided machines sold last year. In addition, Germany is the world’s largest producer of ride-on rollers, with rising global demand taking output to almost 24,500 units in 2018.

With a focus on infrastructure investment in Germany, sales of compaction equipment are expected to rise in the coming years, albeit at a slower rate than the steep climb of 2016-2018. However, it should be stressed that this will come at a time when demand for other construction equipment in Germany is set to decline.

Off-Highway Research's new study includes sections on total sales, including historic data and sales by size class, production, component sourcing, foreign trade, market shares, pricing, population & end-users, machines available, domestic manufacturers and the general economic background. Like all Off-Highway Research reports, it also includes a five-year sales forecast.

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