Dump trucks in China - demand migrates to mining

By Chris Sleight |  29 June 2020

Construction in China now relies almost entirely on on-highway trucks for hauling applications, making off-road dump trucks purely mining machines.

The Chinese market for off-highway dump trucks has experienced a sharp decline from the highs of 2007-2011.

The market has suffered from regulations imposed on the mining industry as well as a fall in demand from the major mining companies, while sales have been sharply eroded by the growth in much cheaper on-off highway trucks. As almost all the applications in the construction sector have been replaced by on-highway trucks, sales of off-highway trucks essentially depend on demand from the mining industry.

With their preference for cheaper types of equipment, sales of on-off highway trucks, or the so-called widebody trucks, have been increasing and they have replaced a major part of the traditional demand for off-highway trucks under 60 tonnes.

Despite these trends, applications still remain for off-highway trucks in China, particularly in coal mining and limestone quarrying, although the largest population of trucks is in ore mining. What’s more, the size of the dump truck sector is stimulating the development of new technologies such as unmanned operation.

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