Emissions laws influence Indian backhoe loader market

By Chris Sleight |  5 July 2022

India has bay far the world’s largest backhoe loader market, with more than 37,000 machines sold last year. At times in the recent past, more backhoe loaders have been sold in India than the rest of the world combined.

Customers have traditionally favoured machines with a 75 horsepower engine. However, the introduction of CEV Bharat Stage IV emissions laws for non-road equipment from the first quarter of 2021 has caused a marked change in preferences. The laws require lower exhaust emissions from wheeled equipment which can be driven on public highways i.e.. Including backhoe loaders.

The lower cut-off for the laws is 37 kW (50 horsepower). This has seen the development of a new range of 49 horsepower machines from all the main suppliers to provide a cheaper alternative to traditionally powered machines, which now cost more due to the technology required to achieve emissions compliance. This category of equipment barely existed five years ago, but in 2021 it accounted for almost a third of backhoe loader sales in India.

However, as Off-Highway Research’s new report, The Backhoe Loader Industry In India notes, this shift may be relatively short-lived. “Currently under 50 horsepower backhoe loaders segment has a substantial share of total sales. Off-Highway Research predicts its share to increase further in the short term primarily due to their lower price. However, this price differential is expected to become much smaller after implementation of CEV Stage-V from April 2024, which may result in a shift back towards higher horsepower machines,” said the report

The Stage V regulations will affect a wider spectrum of engines, down as far as 19 kW (25 horsepower).

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