Exclusive client-only webinars on electric construction equipment markets

By Chris Sleight |  20 June 2024

Off-Highway Research will hold two webinars on Tuesday 16th July to discuss the findings of its new report & data on the global and regional markets for electric construction equipment.

These webinars are exclusive to Off-Highway Research current clients.

A mailing went out to clients by e-mail on 27th June containing the sign-up links. Please contact mail@offhighwayresearch if you are a current client who has not received a sign-up link.

The webinars will include the same content, but will be held at different times of the day to allow clients in different time zones to join the one which is most convenient for them.

Session 1 start times:
Japan, South Korea – 17.00
China – 16.00
India – 13.30
CET – 10.00
UK – 09.00

Session 2 start times:
CET – 17.00
UK – 16.00
EST – 11.00
Central – 10.00
Pacific – 08.00









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