India moves to bigger dump trucks

By Chris Sleight |  28 May 2020

Dump truck sales in India have been sporadic over the last decade, in contrast to the clear cyclical trends for other equipment types. However, a new equipment analysis by Off-Highway Research shows that while unit sales have been volatile the total haulage capacity of trucks bought has been more predictable and has reflected a shift towards larger machines.

Sales in India peaked at 808 units in 2009 and have been somewhat mixed since. Last year, was a good one in terms of the sector’s recent history 532 units sold. Despite India’s size, demand for dump trucks is limited to a small number of companies and this can make for sporadic demand. However, there have been clear changes and trends in the size of trucks preferred and these are discussed in detail in the study.

The new Indian equipment analysis: Dump trucks report also looks at market size, market share, market structure product and component sourcing, pricing, truck population, end-user groups and machines available. The report is now available to download for subscribers to the Indian Service, who can login here. It can also be bought by non-subscribers – click here for more details.

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