Indian compaction equipment industry has another record year

By Chris Sleight |  23 May 2019

Sales and production of compaction equipment in India grew sharply for the fourth year in a row in 2018 to take the industry to an unprecedented high.

Sales of ride-on compactors in India totalled almost 5,700 units in 2018. That represented an increase of 900 machines on the previous year, and demand was some 140 per cent higher than the recent low seen in 2014. The last four years have also seen single drum rollers increase in importance in the Indian market. Almost all demand for this type of equipment in India is met through domestic production, and manufacturers are increasingly using their facilities in India as hubs to export to the wider region.

Demand over the last four years has been driven by increased investment in road building. As remarkable as the market performance has been, Off-Highway Research believes there is still more potential.

“The simple truth is that there is a massive amount of work yet to be done in the road sector, and this will call for large volumes of equipment to complete it. How large those volumes will be is totally dependent on the government’s effectiveness in facilitating project execution and addressing key impediments,” said its new report on the segment.

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