Mid-year database updates published

By Chris Sleight |  1 September 2022

Off-Highway Research has published mid-year updates to the Chinese, Indian & International Database Services, the Global Volume & Value Service and Customer Groups Database Service. The new data, which comprises updates to the demand forecasts for 2022-2026 is now available to subscribers.

Discussion of the changes can be found in the Chinese, European and Indian mid-year reviews, which have been published to subscribers to our Market Reports. The European and Indian mid-year reviews are the September editions., the Chinese mid-year review is the August issue. An update of the Global Construction Equipment Markets report, which is available to all Off-Highway Research clients, will also be published shortly.

Subscribers can click here to log into their accounts

For more information about Off-Highway Research’s products and services, please visit www.offhighwayresearch.com or e-mail [email protected]


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