New European backhoe loader study published

By Chris Sleight |  10 June 2019

Off-Highway Research has published a new Equipment Analysis in its European Service, looking in-depth at the backhoe loader industry across Europe. This extensive, all-encompassing report includes information on the market size, sales by size class, production, component sourcing, trade flows, marketing & distribution, market shares – both by country and across the region – pricing, customer groups, total machine population, machines available and also includes a five-year demand forecast.

Although sales of backhoe loaders have declined over the last decade, it remains an important product in many markets, and total Western European demand is close to 2,700 machines. In addition, Europe is a major producer of backhoe loaders, with some 16,400 units manufactured last year and sold all over the world.

The outlook for the segment is for European demand to remain stable at the current level over the next five years.

The report consolidates information previously available across a number of different Equipment Analyses on the markets in France, Italy and the UK, as well as information from Off-Highway Research’s Country Analyses on the smaller markets in Western Europe.

Off-Highway Research managing director Chris Sleight said, “Changes in the European market for backhoe loaders meant it was an obvious step for us to produce a single report on the industry, rather than a series of disparate studies on individual countries. The wealth and depth of information in this study has not been diminished by combining a number of previous reports, and I hope this will prove to be a convenient way for our clients to update their knowledge on the industry.”

He continued, “In the future we may produce similar consolidated European studies on relatively low volume equipment types, and we will gather feedback from our clients about this. But for the most part our range of European Equipment Analyses will continue to focus on a single equipment type in each of the major markets of France, Germany, Italy and the UK.”

Off-Highway Research’s July 2019 Backhoe Loaders Europe Equipment Analysis is now available to subscribers to the European Service. Click here to log in. The report can also be bought as a stand-alone publication by non-subscribers. Click here for more details or contact to enquire about a subscription.

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