New global diesel engine market study

By Chris Sleight |  27 September 2019

Later this year Off-Highway Research and Knibb Gormezano Partners (KGP) will publish what is believed to be the most detailed study ever on the global market for diesel engines used in construction equipment. The market exceeds 1.1 million units per year, with sales of final equipment totalling more than US$110 billion.

The study is designed to give engine producers and their suppliers unprecedented insight into the market, through detailed, multi-dimensional analysis. Broken down into six key regions – China, Europe, India, Japan, North America and the rest of the world – each regional section will look at the market for engines in 14 key types of construction equipment.

Within each of these, demand for diesel engines will be analysed in terms of both sales and production by OEM, engine supplier, engine power and emissions compliance level. Data will be accompanied by in-depth expert analysis providing insights into the engine market size and market shares in key regions and key power classes.

Off-Highway Research managing director Chris Sleight said, “We are frequently asked by engine manufacturers and their suppliers to provide insights into the global market for diesel engines in construction machines. The range of engine sizes, emissions requirements and the number of engine suppliers around the world make it a complex market where there has never before been reliable data available. Marrying our data with expert analysis from Off-Highway Research and KGP will provide engine manufacturers and their suppliers with valuable, detailed and dependable insights.”

Global diesel engines in construction equipment will be published in November 2019. Contact for more information.

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