Off-Highway Research to participate in Tata Steel webinar

By Chris Sleight |  15 February 2021

Off-Highway Research Manging Director Chris Sleight will be speaking as part of a webinar by Tata Steel. He will be providing a brief overview of the construction equipment market, with a particular focus on Europe, as part of the wider event which will look at demand and applications for abrasion resistant steel.

The webinar will explore how abrasion resistant steel can be used by OEMs as they develop more sustainable and long-lasting construction equipment. Tata steel says that its new abrasion-resistant steel, Valast, can help improve automated processing, reduce scrap rates and even lower costs.

The other participants in the webinar, which takes place at 13:30 CET on Thursday 18th March, are:

Derick Smart, Advanced Engineering, Tata Steel Europe
Based at our Tata Steel’s at Warwick University, Derick is a mechanical engineer. He works with customers to deliver improved value and provide the end user with lighter and more efficient vehicles.

Gert Jan Arlman - Marketing Manager Heavy Vehicles, Tata Steel Europe
With 15 years’ experience in the European steel sector, Gert Jan Arlman has spent the last seven years working with heavy duty vehicle manufacturers to integrate the best materials solutions for their latest construction products.

Adrian Davies - Sustainability Lead, Tata Steel Europe
Managing new product development and sustainability strategy for Tata Steel in the UK, Adrian Davis has been instrumental in developing its new abrasion resistant steel, Valast 450.

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