Poland added to Off-Highway Research databases

By Chris Sleight |  3 January 2023

In an expansion to its services, Off-Highway Research has added extensive data on the Polish construction equipment market to its European, Global Volume & Value Service and Customer Group Database Services. The expansion of these services followed a month-long research programme in late 2022, which has also seen a Country Analysis on Poland added to the European Service, and which is available to buy for non-subscribers.

Off-Highway Research managing director, Chris Sleight said, “The addition of Poland to our coverage is a result of feedback from our clients. It has grown and matured as a market and now sees more equipment sold than several large, traditional markets in Western Europe.”

Off-Highway Research’s data shows that more than 8,200 construction machines were sold in the country in 2021. That made it the fifth largest market in Europe, although some way behind the big four of France, Germany, Italy and the UK. However, more machines were sold in volume terms in Poland that year than in other mid-sized European markets such as The Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and Sweden. The value of the Polish market in 2021 was close to US$700 million.

Although the Polish market showed signs of slowing down in 2022, as did equipment demand in many other parts of Europe, sales are expected to stay between 7,400 and 8,600 over the next four years.

Data on the Polish market is available in a number of Off-Highway Research Database Services. In all cases, data starts in 2021. The European Database includes stails of sales and production by individual OEMs in each equipment category. The Customer Group Database Service gives details of sales of equipment by type of customer. The Global Volume & Value Service and Global Volume & Value Service PLUS, provide the market size by equipment type in Poland. IN the case of the PLUS Service, sales of each machine type are broken down by size classes.

The addition of Poland to the European Database Service means care should be taken in comparing the European market size form year to year, as from 2021 onwards the European total includes Poland.

Regarding the Global Volume & Value Service, the ‘Rest of the World’ prior to 2021 includes Poland, while data from 2021 onwards lists the country separately.

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