UK wheeled loader sales continuing to recover

By Chris Sleight |  8 September 2022

Sales  of wheeled loaders almost halved in  the UK in 2020 as a result of the pandemic. According to Off-Highway Research’s new report, The Wheeled Loader Industry in the UK, sales bounced back in 2021 and the outlook is for continued modest growth back to more normal sales levels.

“Last year saw a partial recovery from the pandemic. Sales would have been greater but for the worldwide shortage of some components which has lengthened delivery times substantially. However, the next five years is likely to see total volumes rise above this level, while the main sector over 80 horsepower is likely to hover around 1,000 units a year as major infrastructure works are undertaken around the country,” said the report.

It continued, “The over 80 horsepower sector is relatively stable, whereas there is some growth in the under 80 horsepower as a result of product substitution of the skid-steer loader.”

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