Updated diesel engine forecast

By Chris Sleight |  22 June 2018

Knibb Gormezano & Partners (KGP) has updated its forecast for global non-road mobile engine production, which includes in-depth analysis of the implications of changing engine emissions laws. The study, which covers diesel engine-powered construction, agricultural and materials handling equipment, was produced in collaboration with Off-Highway Research.

Among the key findings and discussion points in the in-depth 100-page report, are the global changes in engine emission standards over the coming years. In 2013, some 38 per cent of diesel engines fitted in new equipment met an emission standard of Tier 2 or less. By 2024 that proportion is expected to fall to less than 3 per cent of the 3.9 million unit market. What’s more, some 78 per cent of all engines produced and fitted to machines in 2024 are expected to meet Tier 4 Interim (Stage IIIB) standards or higher, with 10% of the total market at the highest level of Stage V/Tier 5.

These changes in emissions standards around the world have huge impacts for engine manufacturers and their suppliers, as well as OEMs and end-users.

In light of the costs associated with achieving more and more stringent emissions limits, the report looks for the first time at the scope for hybridisation and electrification of off-highway equipment.

As well as offering this overview, the Non-Road Mobile Engine and Aftertreatment Forecast provides a range of analyses of the market and associated forecasts. This includes global production by region, production by emissions compliance tier, production by emissions solution, production by segment (construction equipment, agricultural equipment and materials handling) and an analysis of engine sourcing in terms of captive (engine manufactured by the equipment producer) and non-captive suppliers.

Further sections provide information on major producers’ engine ranges as well as a summary of emissions legislation around the world. The report is a powerful tool to help companies plan their industrial strategies in light of these changes.

Click here to buy the report. For more information on KGP, please visit www.kgpauto.com


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