We are launching coverage on the electric construction equipment industry

By Chris Sleight |  15 May 2024

Off-Highway Research is delighted to announced that by the end of June it plans to launch new categories in its databases for electrically-powered construction equipment. The types of electric construction equipment we will initially cover are:

  • Compact tracked loaders
  • Crawler excavators (above 6 tonnes)
  • Mini excavators (less than 6 tonnes)
  • Telescopic handlers
  • Wheeled excavators
  • Wheeled loaders

As we prepare to launch this data you will see some changes to our database. Traditional diesel-powered equipment such as mini excavators have been renamed ‘Mini excavators (diesel)’ in the database to avoid confusion with the new category, ‘Mini excavators (electric)’

The new electric equipment categories will be added to your database subscription at no extra charge. The information each client will see will be to the same level and on the same regional basis as their existing subscriptions.

For example, subscribers to our Global High-Level data (formerly the Volume & Value Service) will see market size information by country and product type in unit and US$ terms for these new machine types, alongside traditional machines. Subscribers to our data on sales & production by OEM/brand will see the electric machine data for the regions they currently have coverage of (e.g. subscribers to just the Chinese database will see sales and production figures by type and brand/OEM for the new electric categories in China, but not in any other regions).

As with all Off-Highway Research data, our new coverage of electric construction equipment will include a five-year forecast by equipment type and country.

In the last 2-3 years, sales of electric construction equipment have been counted in the relevant equipment category on our database i.e. sales of electric mini excavators have been included in the ‘Mini excavators’ category. On release of the new data on electric equipment, this will mean that historic sales numbers for ‘Mini excavators (diesel)’ will lower due to ‘Mini excavators (electric)’ being stated separately.

Publication of the new data will coincide with the publication of a new report to all current clients, The global electric construction equipment industry, which will provide commentary and analysis on the market and outlook.

If you have any questions about the forthcoming changes, please contact [email protected]




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