Wheeled loaders China report now available

By Chris Sleight |  11 May 2021

Off-Highway Research’s annual Equipment Analysis on the wheeled loader industry in China is now available as part of the Chinese Service. These machines were historically the high volume earthmovers in China, with a staggering 200,000+ units sold per year at the height in 2010 and 2011. Although the last decade has seen crawler excavators come to the fore in China, wheeled loaders remain hugely popular. Sales this year are expected to exceed 100,000 units meaning China will account for some 60 per cent of worldwide wheeled loader demand.

Since 2000, the combined sales of wheeled loaders and excavators have accounted for no less than 90 per cent of total demand for construction equipment, and this proportion has exceeded 95 per cent over the last four years. Before 2015, wheeled loaders dominated this combination with a share of over 50 per cent. Since then, its share has been steadily declining.

The historic supremacy of wheeled loaders is attributed to its ubiquity and affordability, which made them the first machine choice for earthmoving, mining and materials handling. The last 15 years have seen the increasing popularity of excavators, initially thanks to international suppliers with their well-tested products, and later thanks to the surge of indigenous manufacturers offering more affordable options.

The 70 page report on the wheeled loader industry in China is now available to subscribers to Off-Highway Research’s Chinese Service. It is also be available to buy on our online store. Click here for details.

It is believed to be the most detailed and in-depth report ever published on the subject, with analysis covering market size, market shares, production, foreign trade, market structure, distribution networks, equipment population, machines available and a five-year forecast.

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