Special Report on Chile now available in Spanish

By Chris Sleight |  18 July 2022

Off-Highway Research's new report on the construction equipment market in Chile is now available in Spanish as well as English. This 172 page study is believed to be the most detailed ever published on this major Latin American market and one of the most dynamic mining economies in the world.

Chile is second only to Brazil as one of the largest construction equipment markets in South America. In addition, the country’s mineral wealth, particularly in copper, makes it one of the most important markets in the world for large surface mining equipment. The aim of this report is to present a concise overview of the development of the construction equipment industry in Chile since 2017, assessing the major changes which have taken place since then, and those which are likely to occur by 2026.

The report comprises detailed background information on the Chilean economy, construction market and mining segment. This is followed by detailed analysis of the equipment market, split into 16 individual equipment types. These each cover market size, machine population, market shares and a forecast to 2026. The final section provides profiles on 20 of Chile’s largest construction equipment distributors, with contact information, history, company structure and an analysis of their distribution networks.

The Construction Equipment Industry in Chile is now available to buy online here in English and here in Spanish. The brochure, with full details of equipment coverage and contents is available here.

For more information or other purchase options, please contact [email protected]

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