Skid-Steer Loaders

Off-Highway Research offers data and analysis on international markets for skid-steer loaders through its International, Chinese and Indian Database Services, the Global Volume & Value Service and Service PLUS, Equipment Analyses from the European, Indian and Chinese ServicesCountry Analyses from the European Service and Special Reports on emerging markets.

Latest news on the Skid-Steer Loaders market

Skid-steer loaders remain niche in Germany

Sales of skid-steer loaders in Germany stood at 356 units last year, or less than 1 per cent of the 39,000-unit construction equipment market.

What is a Skid-Steer Loader?

Skid-Steer LoadersSkid-Steer Loaders

The skid-steer loader is a compact four-wheel drive machine designed to operate in restricted areas. It is distinguished by its steering system. Steering is achieved by independently varying the speed and direction of the two sets of wheels on either side.

Skid steer loaders are usually classified by their rated operating capacity, which is to say the heaviest load a machine can lift without tipping onto its nose.

Track-mounted variants of the skid –steer loader – usually referred to as compact tracked loaders – are considered to be a different machine type, and are not included in Off-Highway Research’s coverage, data or reports.

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