Diesel Engines

Off-Highway Research offers data and analysis on international markets for diesel engines in off-road equipment applications through  Equipment Analyses from the European Service, and a Special Report on the Diesel Engine Industry in India. In addition, through our parternship with Knibb Gormezano Partners, we offer a series of joint reports and studies on the global diesel engine industry.

Latest news on the Diesel Engine market

New global diesel engine market study

Global market for diesel engines in construction equipment to be analysed by engine supplier, power band and emissions compliance in forthcoming report in a joint project between Off-Highway Research and technology consultant Knibb Gormezano Partners.

Updated diesel engine forecast

Annual demand for diesel engines in non-road applications is expected to rise from 3.6 million units per year in 2018 to 3.9 million by 2024. By that point, 97 per cent of engines produced are expected to meet Tier 3 or higher emissions standards.

Reports Available

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