Mini excavators

Off-Highway Research offers data and analysis on international markets for mini excavators through its International, Chinese and Indian Database Services, the Global Volume & Value Service and Service PLUS, Equipment Analyses from the European, Indian and Chinese ServicesCountry Analyses from the European Service and Special Reports on emerging markets.

What is a mini excavator?

Mini ExcavtaorsMini excavators

Mini excavators are compact machines with an operating weight of less than 6 tonnes. The machines may be mounted on tracks or wheels, with the upper body and digging equipment being capable of being turned through 360 degrees. Off-Highway Research classifies mini excavators as being in the range of 0.8-6.0 tonnes.

Latest news on the mini excavator market

June Trendlines podcast discusses North American compact excavator market

Although not a traditional product in the region, mini excavators are enjoying remarkable popularity in North America

German mini excavator sales at a record high

Sales of mini excavators in Germany exceeded 20,000 units in 2021 for the first time in history. Full order books for suppliers mean similar levels will be seen in 2022.

Record mini excavator sales expected in France in 2022

The post-Covid rebound has been strong and will extend well into 2022 due to long lead times for machines.  

Continued growth expected in Indian mini excavator segment

Although a niche product, new applications are driving high growth rates and new levels of acceptance for the mini excavator in India.

Slow recovery forecast for UK mini excavator sales

Following a sharp fall this year, the double impacts of Covid-19 and Brexit mean the UK’s mini excavator market will take several years to return to its former health.

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