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Chinese Company Profile: Xiagong (Oct 2014)

01 October 2014

Special Report: Philippines (October 2014)

01 October 2014

Special Report: Nepal (October 2014)

01 October 2014

公司专题报告:厦工 2014年10月

01 October 2014


01 October 2014

European Equipment Analysis Crawler Dozers and Loaders: Italy (Sep 2014)

01 September 2014[42]&

European Equipment Analysis Agricultural Tractors: France (Sep 2014)

01 September 2014[6]

European Country Analyses Belgium (Aug 2014)

29 August 2014

The Motley Fool - Is China Giving Caterpillar and Joy Global Investors Sleepless Nights?

30 April 2014

Off-Highway Research was cited in an article discussing the impact of the slowing economic recovery in China.


01 April 2015

FT - Caterpillar's China push unearths trouble

23 January 2013

Off-Highway Research data on Caterpillar's position in China cited in an article on the troubles stemming from its acquisition of Siwei.

Tensions in the Chinese equipment industry

02 December 2012

The Wall Street Journal published an article on the difficult relations between some of China's equipment manufacturers as the market continued to turn down. Off-Highway Research commented on the market situation in China for background purposes.

FT - Sany acquires Putzmeister

09 April 2012

Off-Highway Research Managing Director, David Phillips, was quoted in the Financial Times following Sany's acquisition of Putzmeister.

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The Background In April 1999 my wife and I adopted Hanna, an 11 month old baby from the Philippines. She had been born into typical third world poverty, but was fortunate enough to have been found by nuns at the Heart of Mary Villa, a charity that devotes itself to caring for orphaned and abandoned babies, and ensures that they find safe homes for the future.

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Off-Highway Research is a management consultancy specialising in the research and analysis of international construction, and agricultural equipment markets, and is the largest of its kind in the world. Off-Highway Research offers a unique level of international research expertise to the construction, earthmoving, mining, industrial and agricultural equipment industries. This specialist capability, offered by offices in the UK, China, India, the USA and Japan is available through a combination of Subscription Services and Private Client Research. The company is staffed by industry specialists with a wide range of industry, language and consultancy skills, and is supported by a unique database of information.

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