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Indian Equipment Analysis Mobile Cranes: India (September 2019)

27 August 2019

Chinese Equipment Analysis: Motor Graders (September 2019)

22 August 2019

Q1 Newsletter 2019

16 August 2019

New highs for Indian excavator industry

31 July 2019

Sales of crawler excavators in India more than doubled between 2015 and 2018, making it the third largest excavator market in the world after China and the US. This robust growth is set to continue, and it could overtake the US in 3-4 years.

Domestic and global demand drives German compactor industry

31 July 2019

A quarter of the ride-on rollers sold around the world are manufactured in Germany. This makes it the biggest producer in the world, closely followed by China.

New reports in August

31 July 2019

New Equipment Analyses, Market Reports and Company Profiles are now available to download.

Philippines boom to continue

29 July 2019

Construction equipment sales in The Philippines are expected to remain strong thanks to sustained investment in infrastructure. The current good health of the market is in stark contrast to the situation just three years ago, when the market was less than half its current size

Indian Equipment Analysis Hydraulic Excavators: (August 2019)

22 July 2019

Special Report: Philippines (August 2019)

22 July 2019

European Equipment Analysis Compaction Equipment: Germany (Aug 2019)

18 July 2019

European Company Profile Manitou (August 2019)

10 July 2019

Discussing the global market

05 July 2019

Off-Highway Research's Chris Sleight was interviewed by our client Wallenius Wilhelmsen about the surge in demand for construction equipment around the world over the last few years.

New reports in July

28 June 2019

New Equipment Analyses, Market Reports and Company Profiles are now available to download.

Compaction equipment market peaks in China

27 June 2019

More than 15,000 ride-on compactors were sold in China last year and a further 8,000 were exported to other markets.

Unprecedented high for Indian backhoe loader industry

27 June 2019

More backhoe loaders were sold in India last year than the rest of the world put together. Although this year’s general election has had an impact on sales, the segment is expected to shortly regain its former buoyancy.

Indian Equipment Analysis Backhoe Loaders: (July 2019)

26 June 2019

Chinese Equipment Analysis: Compaction Equipment (July 2019)

26 June 2019

European Company Profile Doosan Infracore Europe (July 2019)

11 June 2019

New European backhoe loader study published

10 June 2019

Definitive report looks in-depth at the industry across the region for the first time.

European Equipment Analysis Backhoe Loaders: Europe (July 2019)

06 June 2019

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