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High to continue in global wheeled loader industry

12 September 2018

The current buoyancy in the worldwide market for wheeled loaders is expected to be sustained over the coming years. While unit sales will decline slightly, the worth of the sector will continue to climb, thanks to growth in high value markets.

Third year of growth for Indonesia

11 September 2018

Increased investment in the mining industry has seen equipment sales surge in the largest construction equipment market in Southeast Asia, according to Off-Highway Research’s new Special Report.

Special Report: The Global Wheeled Loader Industry (September 2018)

11 September 2018

Special Report: The Global Wheeled Loader Industry (September 2018)

11 September 2018

Special Report: 全球轮式装载机产业 (September 2018)

11 September 2018

Special Report: 全球轮式装载机产业 (September 2018)

11 September 2018

Special Report: Indonesia (September 2018)

11 September 2018

Indian crane sales to regain former high

29 August 2018

Pick & carry cranes still dominate in a country where sales could hit 11,000 units this year.

Chinese excavator sales surge again

28 August 2018

Market to rise a further 40 per cent on top of the 125 per cent increase seen in 2017.

Chinese Equipment Analysis Hydraulic Excavators: (September 2018)

24 August 2018

Indian Equipment Analysis Mobile Cranes: (September 2018)

22 August 2018

More growth in global equipment sales

10 August 2018

Worldwide construction equipment sales are expected to increase 12 per cent this year, following on from the 27 per cent rise seen in 2017. This will take total sales to almost 1 million units in 2018.

Mid-year Database Services update

10 August 2018

Off-Highway Research has completed the mid-year updates of its Chinese, Indian and International Database Services, and Global Volume & Value/Global Volume & Value PLUS Services.

European sales edge higher

03 August 2018

Updated forecast points to 3 per cent growth in 2018 following last year’s dramatic surge in demand.

Robust growth continues in China

03 August 2018

After a remarkable 81 per cent surge last year, sales of construction equipment in China are set to grow another 30 per cent in 2018.

Indian Equipment Analysis Hydraulic Excavators: (August 2018)

24 July 2018

Record demand in Indian equipment market

20 July 2018

The Indian construction equipment market is set to enjoy a third year in a row of robust growth in 2018, to take sales to an all-time high.

Chinese Equipment Analysis Mini Excavators: (August 2018)

20 July 2018

European Equipment Analysis Agricultural Tractors UK: (August 2018)

19 July 2018

Continued high in German mini excavator sales

16 July 2018

Demand for mini excavators in Germany has been its highest ever for the last two years, exceeding both the pre-crisis highs of the mid-2000s and the reunification boom of the early 1990s.

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