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Up-beat European construction outlook

11 July 2018

FIEC, the European Construction Industry Federation, has said the region’s construction activity is “going better and better” after a lost decade following the global economic crisis.

European Equipment Analysis Mini Excavators Germany: (August 2018)

11 July 2018

World’s biggest backhoe market nears new high

03 July 2018

Sales of backhoe loaders in India hit their highest for five years in 2017 and an unprecedented 38,000 units are expected to be sold this year.

Long road to recovery for French tractor segment

03 July 2018

Despite a surge in sales last year, demand for agricultural tractors is unlikely to improve until 2019

Indian Equipment Analysis Backhoe Loaders: (July 2018)

25 June 2018

European Equipment Analysis Agricultural Tractors France: (July 2018)

25 June 2018

Updated diesel engine forecast

22 June 2018

Annual demand for diesel engines in non-road applications is expected to rise from 3.6 million units per year in 2018 to 3.9 million by 2024. By that point, 97 per cent of engines produced are expected to meet Tier 3 or higher emissions standards.

Improvements expected in Indian dump truck market

22 June 2018

Demand for dump trucks in India has failed to keep pace with the impressive gains in the wider equipment market in recent years. However demand for coal and raw materials is helping to stimulate sales.

2nd Quarter 2018

05 June 2018

Challenges in Chinese wheeled loader segment

04 June 2018

Sales of wheeled loaders in China grew 45 per cent last year to 70,400 units. Although still popular machines, wheeled loaders were out-sold by excavators for the first time in China’s history last year, and conventional products are being challenged by low cost, low quality ‘economical’ loaders in the smaller size classes.

Skid-steer loaders remain niche in Germany

04 June 2018

Sales of skid-steer loaders in Germany stood at 356 units last year, or less than 1 per cent of the 39,000-unit construction equipment market.

Security update - check your password

04 June 2018

As part of the migration to Off-Highway Research’s improved website, it has been necessary for us to reset some individual clients’ usernames and passwords to enhance security.

European Equipment Analysis Diesel Engines UK: (June 2018)

04 June 2018

China Equipment Analysis Wheeled Loaders: (June 2018)

04 June 2018

Indian Equipment Analysis Dump Trucks: (June 2018)

30 May 2018

Indian tractor market hits new high

29 May 2018

The biggest tractor market in the world continues to get bigger, with sales forecast to reach 775,000 units by 2022.

Improved conditions in French telehandler segment

04 May 2018

Sales of rough terrain lift trucks in France grew almost 9 per cent last year to take demand to 7,680 machines.

Indian compaction equipment sales double in three years

04 May 2018

Sales of ride on compaction equipment enjoyed a second successive year of sharp growth in 2017, with sales rising 23 per cent to 4,765 units. This took the market to twice the size it was as recently as 2014

Road building drives surge in Chinese asphalt finisher sales

03 May 2018

A total of 2,335 asphalt finishers were sold in China last year, a 24 per cent increase on sales levels in 2016. The market is dominated by crawler machines, which made up 93 per cent of the market last year.

Chinese Equipment Analysis Dump Trucks: (May 2018)

01 May 2018

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