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European Equipment Analysis Dump Trucks: France (Sept 2017)

23 August 2017

Indian Equipment Analysis Wheeled Loaders: India (Sept 2017)

23 August 2017

Chinese Equipment Analysis: Hydraulic Excavators (Sep 2017)

23 August 2017

Global equipment sales to rise 16 per cent in 2017

21 August 2017

Updated Volume & Value service points to a strong worldwide bounce-back, with the upswings in demand in Asia being the most eye-catching.

India heading for new high

07 August 2017

Construction equipment sales in India will grow 10 per cent this year, continuing the momentum of the 36 per cent surge seen in 2016. This will take the market past the previous record high of 72,492 unit sales seen in 2011.

Moderate growth for European market

03 August 2017

Sales of construction equipment in Europe are expected to grow 2 per cent this year, following the 11 per cent surge seen in 2016, according to updated forecasts from Off-Highway Research.

Updated forecasts point to growth

02 August 2017

Off-Highway Research has completed the mid-year updates of its Chinese, Indian and International Database Services, which include sales forecasts to 2021 by country, product and manufacturer. Analysis of these figures is available in the newly published M

China sees sharp rebound

02 August 2017

Sales of construction equipment in China are expected to grow 55 per cent this year according to updated forecasts from Off-Highway Research.

Indian Equipment Analysis Hydraulic Excavators: India (Aug 2017)

01 August 2017

European Equipment Analysis Wheeled Loaders: UK (Aug 2017)

01 August 2017

Chinese Equipment Analysis: Compaction Equipment (Aug 2017)

01 August 2017

Improvement for Italian compaction equipment sales

18 July 2017

There was a sharp uptick in the Italian market for ride-on compaction equipment last year with sales breaking the 300-unit mark for the first time in five years.

Swiss market to cool following record high

10 July 2017

Demand to hold steady around 4,300 machines per year, rather than climbing back to the unprecedented peaks of 2013 and 2014.

Export focus needed for Chinese grader industry

04 July 2017

Motor grader sales in China are set to enjoy a second successive year of growth this year, but the long-term health of the sector will hang on manufacturers' ability to export, rather than the strength of the domestic market.

Continued popularity for backhoe loaders in India

26 June 2017

Sales in 2016 reached almost 30,000 units, and investment in infrastructure is expected to drive volumes higher over the next five years.

European Country Analyses Switzerland (July 2017)

26 June 2017

Chinese Equipment Analysis: Motor Graders (Jul 2017)

22 June 2017

Global emissions compliance to rise

20 June 2017

Diesel engines meeting Tier 2 standards or less to be all but phased-out by 2023 in non-road mobile machinery as legislation around the world mandates lower and lower emissions.

European Equipment Analysis Compaction Equipment: Italy (Jul 2017)

20 June 2017

Indian Equipment Analysis Backhoe Loaders: India (July 2017)

20 June 2017

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