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Indian Equipment Analysis Dump Trucks: (June 2022)

27 May 2022

Chinese Equipment Analysis Asphalt Finishers: (June 2022)

27 May 2022

Program announced for Off-Highway Conference

26 May 2022

Sessions will cover the market outlook, supply chain challenges and the future for alternative fuels

German mini excavator sales at a record high

26 May 2022

Sales of mini excavators in Germany exceeded 20,000 units in 2021 for the first time in history. Full order books for suppliers mean similar levels will be seen in 2022.

Indian tractor market heading towards 1 million machines per year

16 May 2022

The market did not slow down during the Covid pandemic, and there are many positive long-term factors which will continue to drive growth.

China adopts electric wheeled loaders

10 May 2022

Policy drivers and the availability of products are expected to drive a sharp increase in sales of medium-sized electric wheeled loaders in China. However, it will also remain the largest market for traditional diesel-powered loaders for the foreseeable future.

Visit us at Excon

03 May 2022

Off-Highway Research can be found on the lower level of Hall 3, at stand no. C290

European Country Analysis Switzerland (May 2022)

27 April 2022

Roland Berger joins Off-Highway Conference as Knowledge Partner

26 April 2022

Global management consultancy will provide detailed insights in the conference session on supply chain issues, among other initiatives, including an accompanying White Paper.

Indian Equipment Analysis Agricultural Tractors: (May 2022)

26 April 2022

China Equipment Analysis Wheeled Loaders: (May 2022)

26 April 2022

Stability endures in Swiss equipment market

25 April 2022

Equipment sales have seen little impact form the Covid pandemic and its aftermath, and the outlook is for continued consistent demand.

European Equipment Analysis Agricultural Tractors: France (May 2022)

19 April 2022

Export focus for Chinese backhoe loaders

13 April 2022

There is no tradition of using backhoe loaders in China, and sales have never risen above a few hundred units per year. However, backhoe loader production is an order of magnitude greater.

Improving outlook for Indian dozer industry

11 April 2022

A good climate for infrastructure investment and reforms in the mining sector auger well for dozer sales.

Why rental dominates in India

08 April 2022

Information from Off-Highway Research's Customer Groups Database Service features in an article in International Rental News on the dominance of rental in India.

Customer group data now available for India and China

06 April 2022

Our database of sales by year, buy equipment type, by customer group has now been extended from its original European coverage to include India and China.

Dual registration package launched for Off-Highway Conference and Diesel Progress Summit

05 April 2022

A discount is available to delegates who wish to book for both the Off-Highway Conference and Diesel Progress Summit, which will run back-to-back in Chicago this September

Chinese Annual Review 2022

01 April 2022

European Annual Review 2022

01 April 2022

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